Principles of PR-Yr1 (Jan-May 2009)

Module Outline
Lecture Notes

20th January

Introduction to PR

27th January

The nature of PR
Handout: The PRSA definition

3rd February

Organisational settings
Students are expected to present an organisational chart of their company/institution which shows the place of the PR/Communication function.
They are also expected to list the target audiences for their company/institution within the main categories discussed in class and with indications about the nature and basis of the organisational image with respect to each target.

10th February
We carry on with part 1 of the lecture on Organisational Settings. Then, we look at part 2 and Organisational Publics
Students are expected to complete the assignment on target audiences for their organisation.
They are also expected to study and analyse the mission statement and vision of the University of Mauritius and compare these with their perception of UOM as discussed in our second session. Both assignments were due on 3rd Feb.
Students should also look up information about the following crisis cases: Texaco racism crisis, Exxon Valdez spill, TWA flight 800 crash.
I have also distributed 3 copies of a handout on the origins of PR + questions to be answered. The assignments are to be done on an individual basis.

17th February
There will most probably be no class due to the visit of the Chinese president. However, students should submit their assignments (in my pigeon hole) on their next day of lecture during the week (there was an exceptional extension for the assignment on the origins of PR).

Important note: Assignments may now be submitted by e-mail. Those who have not yet submitted should do so urgently.

24th February
Lecture on Planning PR

3rd March
Students should do a situation analysis for their organisation (including SWOT & PEST), determine the key audiences, their prevailing perceptions and sources of information. They should also try to determine possible communication objectives for a PR plan for their organisation. (Refer to lecture notes and discussions on ‘Planning PR’.
Lecture/discussion on Press Relations.

10th March
Lecture/discussion on Press Relations.
Online resources to be read:
Preparing the Press Release – a presentation by Marty Simon of Simon Group at a conference called Bus and Board in 2003.
Media Relations – lecture notes available on the MIT OpenCourseWare

An example of Press Relations Campaign
E/S Orcelle Clean Ship Case Study for Press Relations
Presentation of case study
Trade release
Consumer release
Daily Telegraph article

17th March
We will be doing some exercises in class.

24th March
No class. Students who wish to attend the workshop on techniques of film direction may do so (at Barathi Subramanien Hall in MGI – Moka) from 13h to 16h30.

31st March
Some practical exercises will be done in class.
Lecture/discussion on Internal PR
A series of examples of press releases were given in class. One of the examples (Erna Low Properties) is to be rewritten.
Two handouts were also given on how to write press releases.

7th April
Please don’t forget to bring the rewritten press release.
Lecture/discussion on Research & Evaluation

14th April
There will be a small practical test in class that will consist in writing a press release. All students are requested to be present.

21st April
Last session. Please go over all lecture notes, handouts, assignments, etc. and jot down any questions or comments you may have for the revision session.
All remaining assignments will be handed back with a recap of CA marks.


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