Work Placement II (2008)

For all Year 3 students who will embark on the second work placement, here are documents you need.

In this pack, you will find:
– A letter which you will send to the host firm to support your application for a placement.
– Guidelines to surpervisors (to be attached to letter to host firm)
– A work placement form (to be attached to letter to host firm) which they need to fill in when they agree to give accomodate you. The filled form should be given or sent to me before placement begins (so I can approve the placement)
– An evaluation form (to be attached to letter to host firm) which they need to fill in and send back to me after you have completed the placement
– Guidelines on the placement and report (to be kept by yourself for your reference)
– A letter to your present employer to request release in order to complete the placement.

The two letters need to be signed by me. You should let me know when you want to come to the Faculty to collect signed copies.

Good luck to all!

A note about the Work Report
The Work Report may be done in replacement of Work Placement 2. It can only be done if you are working in a field relevant to your studies and specialisation. For example, you may choose to do the Work Report if you work as a journalist in a local newspaper and are enrolled in the Journalism stream. You cannot do a Work Report if you are a clerk in a newspaper. Also, since the Work Report carries only 2 credits, an elective needs to be done to account for the 5 credits in replacement of Work Placement 2.
However, I would still advise those who qualify for the Work Report to do the placement as far as possible as it is an extra opportunity to enhance/diversify your skills and knowledge of different working cultures.

Update (19th Nov 2008)
To all students who have registered for Work Placement this semester
All placement reports should normally be submitted 3 weeks after completion of the placement. In all cases, all reports should be in by the end of November for assessment in order to get through the examiners’ boards in time.
Please also ensure that the host organisation sends the evaluation form to me by the end of November. The host evaluation counts in the assessment. We cannot process results for the placement without this evaluation.


2 thoughts on “Work Placement II (2008)

  1. Hello Madam,
    Im not keeping in touch since I last sent you e-mail coz procedures are still going on for the release… I hope everything is o.k by Monday 16 June. I will keep you informed. Thks.


  2. je suis a la recherche d’un/e journaliste pour la compagnie Route Sixty Six Co Ltd qui publie les magazines « Oxygene » et « Batimag ».

    Ses responsabilités seront les suivantes :

    Ecrire des articles sur la forme, sante, sports ainsi que la maison et la construction,
    • Réfléchir à de nouveaux concepts et projets pour nos magazines
    • Rédiger des actualités et des commentaires pour les magazines
    • Recueillir les informations au moyen d’interviews, d’enquêtes ou d’observations.

    Précédente expérience dans le même poste est souhaitée.
    • Connaissance et intérêt dans le secteur de la santé et de la construction souhaitée.
    • Bonne connaissance de la langue française et anglaise.

    Motive, Enthousiaste et dynamique
    . Capable de travailler hors des heures de travail

    Je vous demanderai de bien vouloir me laisser savoir si vous connaissez des gens qui seraient intéresser et de me contacter sur mon portable, 421 2918.

    Merci de votre aide et Bonne journée,

    Jerome Ferrat


    General Manager

    Route Sixty Six Ltd

    Geoffroy Road, Bambous,

    Tel:      452 20 32

    Fax:     452 2057

    Cell:     421 2918



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