To all Year 2 students who will have to start looking for a work placement soon (Work Placement I to be carried out after Sem 1 of Year 2 – but may be started earlier if need be in order to complete the equivalent of 4 weeks full-time).
Here’s what your course structure says about Work Placement I:

COMS 2204(3) Work Placement I

The work placement should, as far as possible, be carried out in line with the field of specialisation. It should last the equivalent of 4 weeks full-time and should take place as from the end of Semester 1 of level/year 2. After completion of the placement, the student must submit a written report for assessment around the end of the second semester (the date will be communicated by the programme coordinator). An interview concerning the placement may be carried out if deemed necessary by the department.

The equivalent of 4 weeks full-time means 20 full working days. So, if you plan to do it on a part-time basis, you should ensure that you have 20 full days of placement.

Here are the documents needed.

Before the placement starts :

Placement form to be filled in by the host firm and submitted to me before the placement starts and for approval of the placement
Letter to host firms. You will need to send signed originals so I shall leave those in the Registry for collection.
Letter to your current employer asking for release for your placement. You will need to send signed originals so I shall leave those in the Registry for collection.
Guidelines to be given to your placement supervisor in the host firm

During and after the placement:

Guidelines for you students about the placement and the report to be submitted for assessment
Evaluation form to be filled in by the placement supervisor in the host firm and returned to me after completion of the placement (Note: This will count in overall assessment of placement, so please ensure they do send it very soon after completion of the placement)

Further info
If you require any information or have any doubts, please contact me and clear with me before embarking on any placement.

Please note that the placement should be in line with the field of studies. In general, I do not accept placement as ‘Guest Relations Officer’ in hotels or simple sales positions, etc. In all cases, you are required to contact me to discuss your placement before embarking on any placement.

It is also advisable not to do your placement in the organisation you are already employed in. You should take this opportunity to gain new knowledge, new skills and exposure to new settings.

Addendum (24th Oct)
Following some queries, here’s some additional advice:
– Do not merely send the letter I have written to potential host firms. Do write a personalised letter explaining why you want to do a placement in their organisation, Though not compulsory, a nice CV is not a bad idea.
– It’s also not a bad idea to contact the potential host firms on the phone to find out whether they can accommodate trainees and also after having sent your letters (to find out whether they have received the letters and get some rapid feedback as some firms do not even bother to write back if they cannot offer placements or even forget/lose your letters!)
– Before actually making requests for placements, find out whether the organisations you have listed are engaged in interesting activities relevant to your studies


11 thoughts on “WorkPlacementI-Yr2

  1. Hi Ma’m…
    Read about the work placement seems interesting..

    I have two question (for the time being)
    1. Will we have any exams this semster. Apparently all modules are yearly..Yet asking to “officially confirm u c 🙂
    2. About the release… I will be in holidays ( being a teacher :-))

    thanks in ad


  2. Hi Nausheen,

    1. Yearly modules = exams at end of 2nd semester only. But as far as I know, you have two semester modules (unless you have chosen not to do these now), i.e. DeskTop Publishing and Media & Ethics. So, you will have exams for these 2 modules at the end of this semester.

    2. Good for you.

    Any idea where you wanna do your placement?

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  3. Hello Mrs Chan-Meetoo

    I work at a training centre of IVTB at Ebene as Communication Skills Instructor. Can I do my Work Placement at the IVTB Head Office at Phoenix?

    By the way, am still waiting for your answer concerning my class of IT and Media & Ethics.

    Please send me a reply.

    Thanx in advance


  4. Hi Bhasha,

    Please provide more information about what kind of tasks you would be doing in the placement

    Concerning the clash, I think it is best you seek advice from the IT lecturer. Why did you fail last time? Would you need to assist all lectures? If the answer is yes, then I am afraid you have to choose between the two because you cannot attend both at the same time and it will not be posisble to change the time-tables at this point in time.
    BTW, did you register for the 2 modules?

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  5. Am finking @ air mauritius but i guess it might be difficult. Am making a list of my five best 🙂 I really want a placement in an expanding sector where i’ll get to learn things and apply things, instead of going just for the sake of going…AM targetting mainly those dealing in such a way where PR for e.g. happens evryday.
    By the way ma’m shall we send the placement form to all the firm targetted (we’l need your signature then for all) Or shall we write our placement request to them first then when approved we send the form??? A bit lost 😦


  6. Nausheen,

    Placement forms do not need to be signed by me, but by the host firm!

    In any case, it is better to secure a placement offer first, then you can ask them to sign the form. The signed form should then be sent to me much before embarking on the placement so that I can approve the placement.

    Hope it’s clearer now…
    C. Chan-Meetoo


  7. Hello Mrs Chan Meetoo

    For the work placement, well, there is the PR section at the Head Office and the Director told me he’ll be very glad to accomodate me and maybe later, after my studies I can be promoted there.:-) (Which would be great!)

    I started my IT class last thursday. There was a misunderstanding about the day and time. Yes, I registered 4 both modules.


  8. Hello Madam,
    I allowed myself to read these information concerning work placements on this blog and I find all these very interesting.
    In addition as i have to go on my first work placement next year, would it be possible for you to advise me some good companies where I can send my cv please? I thought of Air Mauritius, MCB?

    Thank you for your help
    Best regards,


    • Dear Elody,
      You are most welcome. The resources have been,created for all students. You can do the placement anywhere provided you carry out real communication related tasks and that it is approved by your PC.
      Good luck!


  9. Thank you for this reply madam,
    But can you please give me some examples of companies where your ex students have done their WP? Companies which have real communication department?
    ( A friend of mine is actually doing his WP in a “reputed” company but as he told me the tasks done there are not really in line with the field of comm! )


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