To all Year 3 students (2006-2007) who will have to carry out their Work Placement II very soon
(either 6 weeks full-time in the June-July break or the equivalent of 6 full-time weeks on a part-time basis)

Here are the documents needed:

Before the placement starts :

During and after the placement:


2 thoughts on “WorkPlacementII-Yr3

  1. Hi. Just wanted to know if it is possible – though not recommended – to do the work placement in the field I am working. I would have loved to do that in a complete. I won’t get release the 6 weeks full-time or the equivalent to work in another firm. The only way, for me, to do this work placement is to work for another paper, with a completely different audience target, in the same group. We are a bit short of staff !



  2. Hi Mike,
    It is not advisable at all to carry out a placement in exactly the same organisation and department as you are working in (i.e. carrying on with your normal job).
    The idea of a placement is to give you the opportunity to acquire new skills, learn about new organisational frameworks and discover new things….
    We do understand that it is somethimes difficult for students to obtain release from their current employer. In exceptional cases, we do accept placement in the same firm but definitely not in the same department.

    How about doing the placement in the radio that belongs to the same group (e.g. Radio Plus)?

    Give me a call on my mobile or at the office to dicuss your case. We can always find solutions…

    Christina Chan-Meetoo


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