Conference and round table on fact-checking in journalism


In the context of World Press Freedom Day #WPFD2016, Peter Cunliffe-Jones, Executive Director of Africa Check, a project of the AFP Foundation, will give a Skype conference on fact-checking, followed by a round table with representatives of Mauritian media houses.

To date, the following have confirmed participation as panelists in the round table:

  • Shanda Moorghen (Weekly) for La Sentinelle Ltd
  • Abdoollah Earally (Radio Plus) for Le Défi Media Group
  • Ashna Nuckchedy for Radio One
  • Selvina Chadien-Sungeelee for MBC
  • Kris Kaunhye or Jimmy Jean-Louis for TopFM

The conference by Peter Cunliffe-Jones will take up the first half hour. Then, the round table should last around one hour.

During the round table, it is being proposed that panelists each have 5-10 minutes to address the audience on the theme of fact-checking. This will be followed by Q&A interactions with the audience.

Below is a list of suggested topics for the round table:

  • Views on fact-checking in journalism in Mauritius
  • Fact-checking policies, tools and methods used in local newsrooms
  • Balancing urgency, practicality and good practice (constraints faced and how to overcome these)

Panelists and members of the audience are free to communicate in either English, French or Creole.

The event is open and free. Aspiring and professional journalists are invited to attend as well as members of the public.

Prior to the event, questions and comments can be sent to or by using the hashtag #WPFD2016 @christinameetoo on Twitter.