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Book chapter: The Media as Agents of Democracy in Mauritius: Issues and challenges since independence, in The Mauritian Paradox (2018)

Book chapter: Ethics in Journalism: Why and How?

Book chapter: Gender-sensitive Reporting

Book chapter: La représentation de la femme dans les médias mauriciens. De la discrimination subtile aux stéréotypes flagrants.

Improving Democracy in Mauritius The need to remove information boundaries and enhance the media

Young Adults and Social Networking Sites in Mauritius

Nouveaux médias. Discours politico-médiatiques et pratiques domestiques à l’Ile Maurice

ICT, society and poverty: the vision of Mauritius as a cyber island from a development perspective

State or Self regulation. The search for common ground

Book: Media Ethics and Regulation. Insights from Africa

Book: Enhancing Democratic Systems: The Media in Mauritius : a Dialogue Session